Monday, July 17, 2017

Dokter Toksini Kekasih dengan Kopi Campur Obat Anti Pembekuan Darah

Jakarta, Bila miliki kekasih seseorang dokter, baiknya jangan sampai membuatnya geram, atau mengakibatkan mungkin saja fatal seperti yang dihadapi seseorang dokter di Hosuton. Dia diracuni obat pembekuan darah yang digabung kopi oleh kekasihnya yang keduanya sama seseorang dokter. Dr Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo (42 th.) kapsul kopi hijau untuk diet didakwa bersalah karna menyimpan etilena glikol, bahan yang seringkali diketemukan dalam obat antibeku, kedalam secangkir kopi lantas disuguhi pada Dr George Blumenschein. Peristiwa ini berlangsung dirumah Gonzalez-Angulo di Houston pada bln. Januari kemarin. Blumenschein memanglah di kenal suka pada kopi hitam. Saat ajukan pertanyaan kenapa kopinya merasa manis,

Gonzalez-Angulo menyebutkan kalau dia memasukkan pemanis di dalamnya. Tidak menyimpan berprasangka buruk kalau ada toksin didalam kopi yang dia minum, Blumenschein menandaskan secangkir kopi itu. Tetapi apa yang berlangsung? Kurun waktu 4 jam selanjutnya, Blumenschein jadi bicara cadel, limbung serta kekuatan motorik halusnya terganggu. Dia lalu mesti dirawat dirumah sakit sesudah 16 jam.

Dokter menyebutkan dia alami depresi system saraf pusat, komplikasi cardiopulmonary kapsul kopi hijau untuk diet serta tidak berhasil ginjal. Hasil tes mengungkap kalau kandungan etilena glikol yang dikonsumsinya dapat menyebabkan fatal. Blumenschein mesti melakukan dialisis serta sekarang ini tengah dalam perawatan dokter. Gonzalez-Angulo yang dicurigai berniat meracuni juga di tangkap oleh kepolisian pada tangal 29 Mei 2013 kemarin. Gonzalez-Angulo serta Blumenschein adalah rekanan kerja, keduanya yaitu pakar kanker di The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center di Houston.

Tidak cuma itu, keduanya dikenal juga jadi sepasang kekasih, tetapi belum juga terang di ketahui problem apa yang berlangsung pada jalinan keduanya. " " Dia yaitu seseorang warga serta ilmuwan, terpenting. Tuduhan ini betul-betul tidak cocok dengan kehidupan pribadi serta profesionalnya. Walau saya kapsul kopi hijau untuk diet menghormati penegakan hukum, terang untuk saya kalau Kepolisian Texas memajukan tuntutan yang semestinya tidak sempat diserahkan, " " kata Derek Hollingsworth, pengacara Gonzalez-Angulo seperti ditulis ABC News, Senin (10/6/2013).

Pengadilan lantas melepas Gonzalez-Angulo pada tanggal 31 Mei dengan uang jaminan sebesar US$ 50 ribu atau sekitaran Rp 490 juta, tetapi paspornya diambil alih. Gagasannya, sidang atas perkara ini juga akan di gelar di Pengadilan Negeri Harris County pada tanggal 10 Juli kelak. (pah/vta)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Such a Pretty Face craving Korean star

Such a Pretty Face craving Korean star
 - South Korea's beauty industry is on the rise. Not only Koreans, but fans of Korean artists are now dreaming of a beautiful face like their idol star. Beauty clinic in South Korea these days is flooded with patients, not just from Korea but from other countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, and Indonesia. The number of patients who visited Indonesia South Korea is quite a lot. Java Tribune reported that every year hundreds of people Indonesia following plastic surgery medical travel or called with K-Beauty. There are hundreds of plastic surgery clinic in the affluent area of ​​Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Among the residents of Central Java's selection of clinics that The Line Clinic and Grand Plastic Surgery.Translator Indonesian of Grand Plastic Surgery, Kim Yee Seul said plastic surgeon in South Korea will carry out the operation as natural as possible so that the former plastic surgery is not so noticeable. Would be made more beautiful, we can too. Plastic surgery is not a matter of want-like or would have a face like everyone else. But we always advise and make faces remain natural, ujarnya.Kim Yee Seul said patients would be three times a consultation with a plastic surgeon before surgery. Grand Party providing such translator Kim to convey the wishes of the patient to the doctor. So also translate words into pasien.Kami doctor has translator of English, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Patients from Indonesia did not need to worry about the language. We provide a translator when consultation. This is to facilitate the patient expressed his wish to see a doctor, Kim said when contacted Tribune Java directly from South Korea, lalu.Kim week said it could help in the form of booking hotel accommodation for patients from Indonesia. Tickets round trip arranged by the patient. We help booking hotel to stay at in Korea, he said.
CNN / Getty Images / Jung Yeon-je rent plastic surgery in South Korea
PenyakitSebelum history of surgery, the patient will fill out a form in Indonesian language. The form is in the form of brief information on the patient's previous medical history. Does the patient have previously eg heart disease, high blood pressure, or other diseases. Patients were also asked if you are taking any medications, and if ever plastic surgery sebelumnya.Jika taking aspirin or omega3 medication should be discontinued in advance because the drug can thin the blood very disturbing in the process of the surgery if bleeding is excessive. Patients must fill out a form to be honest because the information is very important for safe and proper operation. The form will be taken into consultation with consular beauty, said Kim.Setelah consultation with consular beauty, the patient will then be consultation with the surgeon. Patients are welcome to express his wishes. While doctors will tell patients face problems and recommend surgery is right for the patient's condition, said Kim.Usai consulting a doctor, operating costs were consulted before the doctor performing the operation. Kim said after deal-related operating costs, scheduling next operation. For the people of Indonesia will be accelerated due to have little time in Korea.For Koreans, minimum operating schedule 1-2 weeks. Indonesian people are usually only a week in Korea due to limited off. Operating schedule accelerated after consultation could the next day or the day after. Fasting before surgery should be a minimum of six hours. And for a limited time, usually loose stitching done in Indonesia. That guns are a problem, he said. (team)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Glad for Weight Down, Girl Turns It

Glad for Weight Down, Girl Turns It
 A year ago, Jemma Doran willing to do anything to change his size become more slender. Jemma is overweight with a body size of 22, his weight reached 102 kg and a height of about 153 cm. He has done many things, from a strict diet, abstain from junk food, to sports, to achieve body weight langsing.Berat then dropped quickly and he was very happy because he felt he succeeded. He was busy buying new clothes smaller and confident with this new look will soon get pasangan.Tapi, a year later his weight shrunk to a size 8. She was 28 years old then suffered from health problems which was caused due to tonsil cancer that has spread to lung-parunya.Jemma sure if any cancer can be detected early on, maybe he can do the treatment that the cancer was already spreading. "" I keep thinking if only that time I desperately diet, perhaps my cancer can be known from the beginning and the treatment is successful, "" katanya.Karena diet accomplishments, Jemma ignore cancer signs such as weight loss suddenly. He had went to the doctor complaining of pain and swelling in the throat. Sometimes he also felt pain when menelan.Awalnya doctors thought he was sick tonsils and gave him antibiotics. Sore throat come and go, but in general he felt his body healthy. But a few months later he had pain in his throat is getting worse and back and forth to the hospital. Again he was only diagnosed with the infection alone. He was finally admitted to the hospital because her throat swell and continue to take care of. Biopsy showed he was suffering from cancer. "" It is ironic, since my first dream has thin body and now I managed to lean but very sick, ' "he said. He continues to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to the lungs and breast bone. Doctors even refer to cancer can not be cured anymore.
Dailymail Jemma Doran
GejalaKanker tonsil is one of the cancers of the head and neck. This cancer develops in the part of the throat behind the mouth, called the oropharynx. The greatest risk factor of cancer are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol also increases the risk. Cancer of the tonsils is also related to the HPV virus. The symptoms to watch is a pain in the back of the mouth that does not heal, enlarged tonsils on one hand, there is blood in the saliva, difficulty swallowing or talking, throat swelling, could not consume food or drinks acidic, pain in the ear, and bad breath.

beli green coffee bean dimana

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In order Weight No Longer Up

In order Weight No Longer Up
Successful weight loss? Do not be too happy, yet. Therefore, the weight it can rise again if you are not careful. Follow these five simple rules below: 1. Weigh each hariTentu you would feel depressed if you have to monitor your weight every day. Though levels of hormones that change alone can make weight soared. Actually it is the reason why many slimming programs do not suggest weighed every day because it can make you frustrasi.Namun, according to a recent study from the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, frequent weighing the body associated with the reduction or at least more and more weight gain. In other words, people who weigh every day easier to lose weight and keep it rather than less frequent weighing. Why? Because of frequent weigh it makes it easier for us to correct a slight increase in weight before it becomes berlebihan.2 rise. Create draft menuKetika are dieting, you better plan your meals at breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. After the goal weight is achieved, whether it is also necessary to maintain a strict diet? Of course! If you go back to eating before the diet, the possibility of gaining weight back. Calculate carefully your calorie needs now and plan a healthy diet according to the needs Anda.3. OlahragaMakan less to lose weight, then make the body's metabolic rate so much slower. This is because you consume fewer calories to lose weight. Rather than lowering the body's metabolism, remove excess calories with exercise is aerobik.4. Maintain a lifestyle sehatPola healthy lifestyle that include exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Both of these if done correctly can lose weight. Do not leave these two things though weight has gone down. If regular multivitamin drink when dieting, still maintain it. Do not also leave the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water every hari.5. Redefine the meaning of life normalBanyak people wish they would no longer set a healthy diet and back to eating "normal". That is, they were free to eat whatever they like. In fact, you'll get fat if re free to eat whatever they pleased. So how to maintain a healthy weight without being on a diet? How, create a habitual situation "normal" newly as regular exercise, choosing healthy foods only, limiting chocolate, pudding, candy and sweet bread, for example. Over time, you will feel healthy and do not have a problem of this new diet without feeling dieting. @ Diyah Triarsari
diet smart detox

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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients who Wanting Increase Body Weight

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients who Wanting Increase Body Weight


Jakarta, I was sentenced to a doctor for diabetes type 2 has 6 bln. last time. Previous exposed DM Area of ​​my body weight 67 kg, but this time in the range of 59-60 kg. DM me well monitored, without any drugs. I want to add my weight 2-3 kg but difficult really. I think my circumstances to stress. Do I have to emphasis on eating protein, such as eggs and bacon? IWANDI (Male, 26 years old.) KhairiiwanXXXXXX @ gmail. comTinggi 170 cm, weight 59 kgJawabanHalo IWANDI, DM2 diagnosed at the age of 26 years. Sure thing surprising. So good when you can control it without medication. Utmost to keep. When the blood sugar has been monitored well so that means you have a good amount of carbohydrate consumption and fit together, then to ride BB can provide protein and oil. If you can not eat more and more and more often, the food is well fortified. The steps include: - Giving oil olive oil / margarine / avocado that has been destroyed / cheese into the rice / soup Providing more milk powder into a glass susuBaca also: Beware, Diabetes Also Stalking Children and RemajaApakah been combined with exercise? Because the first weight lifting exercise will promote the storage of calories and protein as muscle, as well as increase bone calcium storage. For a more complete consulting can come to the clinic. Leona Victoria Djajadi MNDMaster of Nutrition and Dietetics (Nutrition Specialist) from the University of Sydney. With a special interest in a diet program for oncology, cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal and life modification program diets. Caregiver Family Nutrition Clinic http: // www. klinikgizi. information /. Twitter Follow @Leona_victoria. (Hrn / vit)



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Langkah Sehat serta Ideal Menambah Berat Badan

cara mengecilkan perut buncit

Langkah Sehat serta Ideal Menambah Berat Badan


Jakarta, Halo. Saya ingin bertanya, september kelak usia saya telah 21 th., tetapi sampai saat ini berat Badan saya susah jadi tambah. Walau sebenarnya jumlah makansaya banyak. Saya ingin bertanya, apa pemecahannya supaya saya dapat memperoleh berat Badan ideal serta sehat? Pola makan, berolahraga serta kesibukan yang bagaimana? Terimakasih jawabannya. Mahasiswa_21 (Pria lajang, 21 th.) petrusrichardXXXXX@yahoo. comTinggi Badan 175 cm, berat Badan 56 kgJawabanHalo, Dengan tinggi serta berat Badan demikian saat ini BMI anda yaitu 18, di mana dapat digolongkan underweight. Waktu makan pantas di perhatikan type kalorinya apakah itu dari protein, lemak atau karbohidrat. Bila anda makan banyak, namun banyak dari karbohidrat dengan minim sumber protein, akan tidak terserap serta jadi otot. Jadi tiap-tiap makan upayakan 1/4 dari piring yaitu sumber protein bergizi tinggi seperti ikan, telur, daging, ayam maupun product kacang kedelai (tahu, tempe). Protein ini yaitu sumber daya pembuatan otot yang nanti bakal menbantu sistem 'bulking'. Juga bebrapa kerap ngemil camilan yang tinggi kalori, juga memiliki kandungan protein. Umpamanya segenggam kacang (cuma 1 genggam/hari), satu gelas susu, semangkok kecil yoghurt, roti isi dan lain-lain. Hal-hal lain terkecuali makanan yaitu berolahraga serta cukup istirahat. Mungkin saja di umur demikian anda kerap repot banyak kesibukan hingga kurang istirahat, ini dapat juga memengaruhi metabolisme badan. Leona Victoria Djajadi MNDMaster of Nutrition and Dietetics (Pakar Gizi) dari University of Sydney. Dengan ketertarikan spesial pada program diet untuk oncology, cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal and life modification program diets. Pengasuh Klinik Gizi Keluarga http :// www. klinikgizi. informasi /. Follow twitter @Leona_victoria. (hrn/up)


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TELEVISION tonight: 'Jane the Virgin' returns, 'Odd Couple'

jane the virgin season 2

TELEVISION tonight: 'Jane the Virgin' returns, 'Odd Couple'


A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Tale

Lifetime, 8 ET/PT


Lifetime offers a TELEVISION airing to this acclaimed celebration circuit documentary. Birthed with a rare condition that quits her from gaining weight, Velasquez was harassed from childhood years on, however that misuse was restricted to her college and also community-- till a person published a video calling her "The Globe's Ugliest Lady." Though the video clip brought her undesirable national focus, this film (guided by Sara Hirsh Bordo and also featuring music by Sara Bareilles) recounts her effective initiatives to utilize that focus on help others.


Jane the Virgin



Jane is back, and ready to address that large, remaining concern: Is Jane ready to become a widow before she truly had a chance to be a bride? Probabilities are no-- however hey, stranger things have taken place in telenovelas.


The Odd Pair

CBS, 9:30 ET/PT


TELEVISION can be a strange organisation. Having done some great work on Mr. Sunlight as well as Take place, just to see both fail to locate a target market, Matthew Perry now returns for a 3rd season of The Odd Couple-- a show where his operate at times may best be called "indifferent." Yet view the bright side. Each week that Odd Pair makes it through is one more chance for this talented celebrity to kick his efficiency and also series into a higher gear.